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Cool architecture, nice parks, daily this city gets very boring, if you are bored by everyone being a bully and people being cliquey. The nights can be ok- just don’t ever go by yourself here in the capital region.
Rachel Ray and Nathan Lane made it out of Albany and you can too
by Human_spirit July 19, 2018
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The number ONE party place to chill, where 16 years old go to Paulies and the Post, while any legal drinker heads to WT's for their awesomely amazing wings and 85 cent beers at happy hour. Quite the college town where cabs are 3 bucks a head, girls wear tank tops and flipflops in the middle of the dead winter, you can buy pizza at 4AM, chalk your id and expect the bouncer to not only let you in but complement the fine art. Every other person who goes to Albany is either from NYC and LI and don't understand the difference between Upstate and Western NY, wear abercrombie and hollister with their tims. You wonder why people play in the water on fountain day when you obviously see snow on the ground, can't remember why you came here, except for the fact that you couldn't make Cornell or NYU and wanted to save money. Actually, you had no choice, but you read enough about the school in Princeton Review. The public bus makes its own schedule when you need it on weekends, and your car stays in its parking spot until the snow starts to melt in april. You envy those who live in the mustard complex with their heat and free laundry, but your lottery number is well over a 1000 so you head downtown, where you can never sleep, occasionally have your car towed or hit by another driver, and take advantage of the location by becoming a local at cagneys, chubby's, sadies, or stonecrow. You don't understand "downtown" past Quail street until you become 21 and venture off to Lark and S. Pearl. Ahh, this is ALBANY for you.
I've got 8 dollars and need to get smashed, that's cover cab, cover, and drinks in Albany!
by Lola February 19, 2005
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The place where obnoxious Long Islanders get robbed and shot by locals
Aw frick! I'm an obnoxious 'Ngilander and I just got shot by a local in Albany
by local Albanian May 05, 2009
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The capital of NY. A place so cold that boiling water freezes when you go outside in the winter. It's here where the hicks get along with the snobby rich kids. The place where college girls go outside in miniskirts and uggs in negative 15 degrees. The place where one can walk into a bar at 3 am and slow down and order a couple shots, and not get stared at.
Why is she dressed like a high-priced hooker going to the beach in the middle of winter? Oh yeah, we're in Albany.

Only in Albany will you see country girl Jane hang out with suburb Shannon.
by msk1994 July 07, 2011
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Albany-Metro is deff not a hick-ish farmland. Filled with gangsters who might shoot you and snobby rich kids who drive around sick cars, vacation at the hamptons or luxury ski resorts, and count their cash. Surrounded by suburbs where everyone drinks, smokes, and parties because there is nothing else to do. Everyone and their brother is Italian. Alotttt of college kids: UAlbany, Union, RPI, etc.
Pretty sweet location with the city like 2 hours away, new england across the hudson, and montreal just up north.
So yeah, check out the 518.
by imawesome123 November 05, 2007
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The place the dark land of Mordor was based on. With it's grey sky and freezing cold weather, and abundance of college students being a Wes. It's people just pray it's not going to snow in June which it always does.
The capital of New York State is Albany
by Kyizen February 09, 2004
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