It comes from Thy Majesty, it represents special attitude towards somebody in archaic but realisticly medieval way.
I'm honoured by TM's presense!
I'm glad to be at your service TM!
TM is at the battlefield fighting some gauls, brb. (note on the fridge by Caesar to Cleopatra)
by eSu7 November 14, 2007
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meaning trademark. however, some lame myspace addicts put it at the end of their myspace name to be cool. when it's not really. at all.

except, it's the actual TM sign.
but because i'm obviously not as *hardcore* as them.
i really cant be bothered to find it on my keyboard.
by glossedhorror August 31, 2006
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buy the domain for your art site
to study something that can get on your nerves but may come in handy to sound intelligent
I've been TM'ing all day and I still don't understand Pavlov
by Miss. osnoprodavonoblikavitch January 12, 2009
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