Stands for State University of New York.
Dayam nigga! You got into SUNY?
by Trident White September 6, 2005
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Four letters that all the spoiled brats in Scarsdale fear and loathe. (OHMYGOD! So AFFORDABLE!!!!! I can't BEAR the thought of not spending 120 grand on an undergraduate education, which today, doesn't take you very far anyway!!)
In Eastchester people don't fear SUNY.
by Evan August 5, 2003
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The people saying that the SUNY schools are low quality and only attract underachieving students are DEAD WRONG.

Some SUNY schools are very reputable, very selective and ranked very well such as these ones:
- Binghamton University
- University at Buffalo
- Stony Brook University
- SUNY Geneseo

Yes, they're not on the level of the Ivy Leagues like Harvard but they are very well-respected schools and they have ultra-low tuition so you get a bang for your buck. WIN WIN SITUATION!

Actually, nowadays, about half of the SUNY schools have acceptance rates of less than 50% (even the less-reputable ones); so they're getting harder and harder to get into. Supply&Demand.
Private Univ. Student: Finally got my Bachelors Degree!!

SUNY student: Congrats, man, how much did you pay?

Private Univ. Student: Well, tuition was 40k a year so I spent 5 years there so, I only paid $200,000+room&board!!!!

SUNY Student: WTF, I went to Binghamton and only paid 6k a year; plus, my school is ranked much better than yours anyways

Private Univ. Student: *Hangs themself.
by SUNYian April 7, 2013
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A network of 30 New York State-owned college campuses, plus an additional 29 community colleges. These schools offer extremely low (~$6,000/year as of this post) tuitions to NYS residents, and they even offer relatively low tuitions to out-of-state students as well.

The SUNY name has somewhat of a stigma to it as (with many state schools), usually among those whose perception of it is based on shitty schools such as Brockport or outdated perceptions of schools such as Plattsburgh. However, SUNY schools such as Stony Brook, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Geneseo are very well-respected institutions that are very selective and attract many students from out-of-state and even some internationally. Many of the specialized schools, particularly FIT and ESF, are also very well respected in their fields (some are even among the best). However, even the average SUNY school has gotten considerably better over the past few years because of an increased demand amidst the economic downturn, which has forced many schools to become much more selective with admission. Due to the higher selectivity, schools like Plattsburgh have seen improvement in the student body and their level of motivation (which can also attract better professors), which served to improve the academics of the school.
Speaker 1: How much did you pay for your degree?
Speaker 2: Oh, a couple hundred grand. What about you?
Speaker 1: Around $50,000 because I went to a SUNY school.
Speaker 2: Haha, well you get what you pay for. I'm sure the parties and STDs were good though.
Speaker 1: Nah, I went to Stony Brook, people took things pretty seriously there. The courses were pretty challenging, and I'm being considered for a six-figure job right now.
by SchindHaughton August 27, 2013
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An system of Universities scattered across the state of New York. Unlike private schools, these Universities are backed up by taxpayer money, so the tuition and board is relatively cheaper. Each University has its strengths and weaknesses, but many subjects are covered.

While not the most prestigious Universities to go to in the state, they offer a great education and social experience. This is where the average student (those who work hard but tend to underachieve) most likely goes, due to its great programs and affordability.
I studied at a SUNY, now I make an average income, have a nice spouse and kids, and live in a relatively nice home.
by Jeffreyhadalittlelamb November 18, 2010
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Rad. A female who actually gets mistaken for a boy because of her awesome-ness. One who can out bro you while still being hot at the same time. A world record breaker for her bro-isms. A true American.
Boy 1-"Whoah dude, is that the real Suni?"
Boy 2-"Yeah man she's so hot but she beat me in Blockles."
by TomHanksIAm January 1, 2010
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Also called SUNY Institute of Technology (SUNYIT), despite the schools amazing lack of technology. It is part of the SUNY system. Located in the decrepit city of Utica NY, whose number one employer is Denny's down on Genesee St. A school notorious for lying to its applicants as to how many credits will transfer in. The school advertises how it has diverse wildlife on campus, consisting of Canadian Geese, Deer, and Turkey. Despite the wildlife, the food is recycled from events where the school sells out facilities meant for the students.

Students who initially attend regret their decision weeks later, but find that the credits will not transfer anywhere. The school acts as the quicksand of the SUNY system.
Relative: "Where do you go to school?"
Student: "I go to school in Utica"
Relative: "Oh, that's a great school, good for you!"
Student: "No... I go to SUNY IT in Utica"
Relative: "Oh, I'm sorry"
Student: "Me too"
by Ghostalker474 April 4, 2009
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