Britain or England. Meaning white, referring to SE chalk cliffs.
"Perfidious Albion. The nation of shopkeepers." -Napoleon
by Anonymous November 6, 2002
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The ship Carlos Barat and Peter Doherty of The Libertines are sailing on to Arcadia.
"the arcardian dream has fallen through, but the Albion sails on course"
by Sallog May 5, 2004
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All the girls love him
His dick is 10 inches or more
Fucking master sex boy!
You see Albion over there?
His dick is so big, he fucked me earlier and it was soo good!
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The small rich part of Maple ridge where every park has a group blazing and getting drunk until 2am also known as alb
Yo bro wanna sesh in albion tonight

Can't bro mom didn't boot for me
by Weeddude76 February 7, 2019
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<noun> poetic;

The island otherwise known as Britain.
"... and take me away, back to Albion forevermore..."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
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Albion is the name of the hottest guy alive.
Hey you know albion
Yeh, he is so hotttt
by Albì November 24, 2021
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A person who has good friends,is really loud,failing science,and watching is usually in his computer or watching Netflix. Friends who have also used this website: Taryn
Albion is very loud,but is good at laying down.
by Lemons12345678 November 12, 2018
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