Someone whiny, needy, and someone who gets upset when you don't talk to them right when they need you to, but little bitches are very lovable. If you have a little bitch in your group, roast them but don't toast them.
"jesus ryan you're being such a little bitch"
by tayssa October 21, 2017
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Someone who doesn't man up
Chad was a little bitch when he reported his foreman for not wearing safety equipment
by LocalCelebrity June 16, 2017
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Someone who talks large but then can’t follow it through - constantly bitching out.
Rhys: Sam promised he’d buy that Rolex and then he didn’t -

Quentin: what a little bitch.
by LT101 May 29, 2018
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The lowest of Bitches. Will try to deflect their status as a Little Bitch onto other people. Such a Little Bitch, they can't handle being called a Little Bitch.
"Ian was being a Little Bitch last night."
"Zabel's always a Little Bitch."
"True, true."
by IZSlayer January 26, 2020
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a boy with a heavier flow vagina than the most PMS ridden girl, who cannot handle his emotions.
Yo that guy keeps crying because his girl left
ya man he's a little bitch
by luluh8onu November 19, 2014
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