1. Luxury goods brandname. Famous for the "LV" and flower monograms that are on the purses which became very popular in late 2003. Often illegally replicated.
(louisvuitton.com) for more information.

2. A man born in Anchay in 1821 and revolutionized travel. He died in 1892, and the brandname Louis Vuitton is named after him.

3. Something very expensive looking, cutting-edge in fashion, or fake and replicating.
1. That Louis Vuitton purse sure looks nice on her.

2. Louis Vuitton walked to Paris barefoot to make cases.

3. That Coach bag looks so Louis Vuitton.
by robots on parade July 1, 2004
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A clothing brand which produces clothing, purses, accessories, shoes, etc. Most "LV" purses you see are fake, and yet people still buy them. Personally, the pattern isn't that attractive and the main reason people even have these purses is to pretend they are rich.
If I had a $10 000 dollar purse, I wouldn't be swinging it around like her.
by braindoo January 1, 2005
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a epidemic for the fashion industry..
a bag that people buy to look rich and look fab...
unfortunately people will always think it's a fake
Genna: Holy shit that louis vuitton bag is a real!
Libby: Shut up...omg that bag is a fake..huh..priscilla would never get that
by cocoachicken October 20, 2007
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an expansive purse smothered in lv's. the price is jacked up so the makers can earn 1000000000000000000% profit. many fakes exists.
-can you believe that queer convinced his mom to buy him a lv watch? its real too! he's only 12 for gawd's sake!

-ugh, those 6th grade teenyboppers are showing off their fake lv's to the 5th graders. how dumb
by Alexa January 18, 2005
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High class leather goods. You get what you pay for, and those who buy fakes are very classless.

The Monogram design, with the famous LV is the most popular type of leather offered. This is made in other versions, such as Monogram Multicolore, Monogram Cerises, Monogram Mini, Monogram Vernis, Monogram Satin, and Monogram Panda.

Other than quality handbags and luggage, Vuitton offers watches, belts, straps, ties, and agendas, as well as others.

Buying from www.eluxury.com or a LV store is the only way one can be sure it's the real thing.
I just went to Saks Fifth Avenue and bought a new Porte Billets Billfold to match my Monogram Abbesses Messanger Bag.
by Bradley Bitzer August 23, 2005
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The worst investment you will ever make...

A cheap, overpriced, ugly accessory.... a material statement of your ignorance.

Just because Paris Hilton rocks Louis Vuitton doesn’t mean that as soon you strap on that purse you begin climbing the upward later to high class or luxury. If you own a Louis Vuitton product you are fake, gullible, in debt, are not happy with you life, ignorant, have no sense of individuality, are a follower and probably have no idea why I'm saying these things.
Look at that chick with the Louis Vuitton purse, she can't afford diapers for her kids, lives in a trailer, yet she always managers to consume the latest greatest Hollywood fasion.
by your whack May 7, 2007
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The must have in carrying acessories/ leather goods.
Girly 1: OMG girly 2 Betty is sooo beautiful!! she has a louis!!
Girly 2: Ummm girly 1....its fake!
Girly 1: OMG Betty is soooo fucking ugly!
by abercombiboi January 30, 2005
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