Someone who never gives up on the things they love no matter how heavy or risky the opposing side may carry. Risk-taker. Teacher. A shepherd in the world of fools who only speaks when he knows it means 100 percent of what he feels. Listen to him when he speaks. You may have to spend a lot of time with him, it’s something that you would be blessed with. Some may call him sociopathic, because of his lack of emotion in certain situations. Though, the situations he responds to emotionally or logically are the ones he knows truly matters. Picking his battles precisely and confidently. It’s hard to do him wrong because he knows he is human as well, no matter how much you think he is a presence that was gifted to this world from the gods. Just be you.
I love having cord around!

Cord: I’m glad you are enjoying yourself.

Me: Did you just show me something I didn’t see before?
Cord: you are the creator of choices in your own life. But understanding them sometimes is needed from a loving soul who looks into your eyes. look in the mirror, you can do the same thing.
by Koalakindness June 1, 2019
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A very uncoordinated person that always falls, trips, and is generally uncoordinated. They usually run in packs and are made fun of by people with coordination.
John: Hey did you see how cord james is?
Phil: Yeah, I can't believe he tripped over that pebble.
John: Thats embarrasing
by Jimmy fly high May 22, 2010
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So you would think o I need an extension cord but no my friends name is cord and this kid is on crack every single second of his life.
Stop your being cord
by Dat boi memer123 November 5, 2019
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Its ya boi, the kid across the street who plays rocket league. His most famous quote is "gemini are compatible with pisces!". He also has autism so please, help him.
by The next kronovi November 29, 2017
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Yessenia knew that she would have to lock this man down. He was a Cordes of the utmost degree.
by Yevgenia June 26, 2022
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The kind of person who willingly adds the cherry to the top of your ice cream (Metaphorically and literally). S/he is the one who decides if your gathering or assembly of people will be enjoyable by merely showing up. These clever beings are in-fact human, even though they have the body of a Greek God/ Goddess. It is politically correct to say they are perfect in virtually every way.

Talents and attributes for a Cordes include making others feel elation and anguish at the same time, being able to differentiate all facts in the history of forever, making incredible pick-nicks {both genders (shows how truly amazing they really are)}, and being just plain sexy.

WARNINGS: You can try to be like this person, but you will ultimately fail. It is suggested to not show up this person either, for it is impossible... and fatal.
Wait Sean is going? That kid is such a Cordes, i'm in!
by guy2theleft April 10, 2011
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When there's so many cords everywhere, it's madness.
Man, why's there so many cords in this car, it's cordness!

What are you doing with all this stuff man, look at all this cordness!
by CallMeFattyy December 13, 2015
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