Making something useful or have a purpose,
When a animal is presented with a new environment they have to adapt inorder to survive,
by aslpaul3939 September 8, 2020
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It’s an adjective; it means able to adjust to new conditions or capable of being modified for a new purpose. It can be applied to both people and objects and some authorities say that being adaptable, able to cope with changing conditions, is why humans are the dominant life form on earth.
It is frequently used in the workplace to describe someone who can handle anything and is capable of taking on the jobs that would have others scratching their heads until they got splinters under their fingers. It is also used to describe members of the British armed forces, one reason, perhaps, why they are the best in the world.
People are adaptable when conditions change.
The telephone was sufficiently adaptable to go mobile and send texts.
by AKACroatalin May 18, 2015
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modification of an organism or its parts that makes it more fit for existence under the conditions of its environment
Some examples are: hollow bones and feathers of birds that enable them to fly, or the cryptic coloration that allows many organisms to hide from their predators.

by twiztiddezirez September 14, 2005
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Where your school sends you for a few weeks when you’ve done something really bad or illegal but they don’t want to expel you. It’s a step above suspension, but below expulsion. Basically, a school full of people fighting, doing drugs, and drinking...
Guy: I gotta got to fucking ADAPT because the principal caught me hitting the pen in the bathrooms
by It's Me, Bitch September 12, 2019
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alternate way to spell "adaptation." most commonly used to look like an fucktard in front of your biology t.a.
"Plants in arid climates have adaptions in their leaves." **Odd looks from people smarter than you and third graders**
by i am a dumb January 29, 2008
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How not to spell adaptation. Most commonly used by die hard knick fans.
Toño said adaption lmfao
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A crazy sick biller with a good personality. As a good youtube bit has a lisp
Adapt: " the the fuck is good motha fuckin FaZe Adapt here"
by FaZeFanBoy July 14, 2014
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