"After Donald" as in after the Donald was booted out of the White House and all hope & peace feels plausible. Fun fact: AD era started right during Diwali - the Indian holiday where good "trumps" over evil.
Life is going to be much better in the AD era.
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by ButtersInLondon November 07, 2020
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A.D.S (Aim Down Sights) is when a man holds his penis to take a piss.
"Hold on boys, I got to go take an A.D.S real quick"
by TisJustice December 31, 2020
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Also know as advert is an annoying product, website or app that will appear when you are using a website or app. Known for its annoying time of appearance and can really test your patience
Damn it I hate these blumming ads
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by Scaryjur12 January 30, 2020
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something that literally everyone hates. its annoying and might get infront of that thing you need to click. idk. its just something i wish never existed. just like that damn mug Urban Dictionary. no one wants to buy a useless mug.
oh damn, it's an ad.
by ThatLesbianThatStoleYourGirl September 26, 2019
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Person: hey alexa
Alexa: what?
Person: what's nine plus ten?
Alexa: 21
Person: wow you're a A.D
by Djdkxjd November 08, 2020
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