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What ruins this site
Let go on urbandictionary no they have ads
by Qwerwerwqer October 27, 2011
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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
This Jazz Cabbage got me zooted. Jazz Cabbage is less harmful than Squares. Iā€™m smoking that Jazz Cabbage boy.
by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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A life sucking beast that comes before YouTube videos
Oh man those ads wanted me buy things I don't need thank god for the skip ad button!
by Potatosmileyface November 17, 2015
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Something websites put up so they can afford to buy drugs such as cocaine and pot.
Person 1: Why are there so many ads on
Person 2: Because drugs don't come cheap.
Person 1: I see.
by Justingraziano July 28, 2008
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The devil's creations on almost every website (app if you're on a mobile device) and YouTube makes the YouTube Premium (which is a YouTube with no ads and shows and movies) too expensive so I get all the ads.
Ads Finder: Dang man I hate these damn ads!!!!!!!
Ads Finder Friend: I ain't got none because I got YouTube Premium!
Ads Finder: But at least my $14.99 don't go bye-bye each month!
via giphy
by It'sMeAsha March 11, 2019
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from 'advertising' like a slang.
by Roman22 August 08, 2007
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