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Something that's very cool, interesting, or surprising. Can be used in place of epic.
Dude, that's acidic! Your artwork looks so good.

"Did you see the movie last night?"
"Yeah, it was pretty acidic I guess."

The battle was acidic; just watching from the sidelines, you could feel its intense energy.
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Something that is original, very cool, and off this wave. Takes the place of the overused word dope (dope is for idiot school boys who put subwoofers in their mom's mini van). It is the opposite of basic. It's way cooler to be an acidic bitch than a basic bitch, period.
Cole: You went to Starbucks again??? You're so basic, get a personality!
Anna: Actually this is the rarest homemade coffee from the mountains of Greece
Cole: OMG you're so acidic and smart and sexy!
Anna: Thank you
by Anna_af June 30, 2020
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An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving abnormal unique behavior, dress, action. The opposite of basic.

"Did you see that girl just walk by? She looked acidic as fuck."

"No dude, Sofia is different, she's acidic."
by LostBoy January 25, 2014
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Something that appears to be as if one was on acid. Something trippy looking.
That picture is trippy looking. It is rather acidic.
by Sexy Lexie May 15, 2007
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If you are acidic you are sweet, smart, sexy, funny and essentially amazing. If a person is acidic, they are basically perfect in your eyes. Acidic=awwwwesome.
Mark, you are so acidic..I love you.
by Chels February 28, 2005
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A term that is used to describe an object that is groovy,cool,awesome,psychedelic, or to describe your mood after you have taken the drug acid.

"Dude that acid was tottaly acidic!"
by The dude who mooed March 20, 2009
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