Abstaining yourself from sex until you are married. It is a vow to God that you will abstain yourself for Him.
To do God's will I practice abstinence until I marry the person that He has picked for me.
by WHY IS EVERY NAME USED!! October 11, 2006
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a form of sex education that is with holding facts about sex. then tell you if you follow it you are "smart". smart people have a mind of their own and will do research and realize ABSTINENCE IS A GOVERNMENT POLICY ON SEX EDUCATION THAT HAS FAILED. dont believe me? do some research. think of this, how many pregenate porn stars do you see???
jeff- can you believe john is abstinence??

fred- not that supraising, he also believed other things without any research. like his whole, Obama is a musslim thing.

Jeff- good point. isnt that how the Nazi party was found?

Fred- it is. people not being told all the facts and believing it cuz "if you did, then your smart"

Jeff- haha. Absizs

Fred- LAWL
by godismybestfriend March 27, 2009
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Choosing not to have sex until you are married. If you're into this then FINE but don't act like you're all smart because of it. It's a CHOICE, and just because you choose to follow it doesn't make you any more intelligent than your peers. Don't push your religious bullshit on others either, just because your buddies are horndogs and enjoy a little pussy every now and then doesn't make them any less intelligent than your fat ass.
Did you hear Adon's excuse for why he's a virgin? He says he believes in abstinence! Stupid nerd has no game is more like it.
by RandomPseudonym July 27, 2008
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Saying you don't want to have sex so you can hide your cubic genitalia.
"I don't have balls, I have cubes, that's why I say I practise Abstinence , I just want to pretect the ones I love"

by tinted swest June 14, 2010
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One of the most effective, and least entertaining* ways of not getting some bitch preggers. Over 98% of practicioners wear either chastity belts or "DC Talk" tshirts.

*The most entertaining method is anal.
She didn't even blow him! And he married her! What a fag.
by A.Hetherington April 01, 2005
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Although this word is most often associated with food, beverage, profanity and sex. Abstinence is a deliberate conduct and runs rather parallel to the words indulge, gluttony and hoarding. Something negated is still something indeed. Keeping to the school of thought that the mind fails to register the words no or not(or its variations), Do not think of pink elephants!.. All three are characterized by excess and culpability. One can not and does not abstain from what one does not internally seeks(to avoid what one seeks is abstinence).
Clinton's abstinence from Monica's lips were in part due to her oral report on the lengthy wood project she undertook beneath his desk. As for me it is not an issue as I do not know her and have never had the privilege.
by Mandy Kimple November 20, 2015
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