A person entirely devoted to causes of their religious establishment, bypassing all matters of common sense.
The churchie spent all week in flea infested villages feeding poor children.
by Drenam April 14, 2003
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When you live by a church they are
the church goers that get in your way when you try to get through.
Those darn churchies parked in our drive-way again.
by glitterfied girl April 08, 2008
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Someone that goes to youth group/church.

That simple.
Person1: Those churchies are pretty damn nice.
Person2: Yeah. But they kinda freak me out.
by rarara May 04, 2005
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1. a person who is willing to party five weeks in a row, or just sit in the sun, while neglecting duties such as dish washing and procrastinating his/her study.

2. a person who lives in the dutch student house in Groningen, NL which has been a monastery before and is now called ChurchMansion.
dude, your summer plans sounds very fun, you must be a churchie!
me and the churchies are gonna rent that one house in the middle of nowhere and party all day every day there!
by stabilinator May 16, 2021
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a member of the largest collection of wankerish, arrogant, wiggerish, and loserish assholes ever congregated in one place. uses phrases like "madd ass" and "homie" and "da". wanks off over copping it off six chicks and tells his friends that he actually did. Also exhibits bestial and homosexual tendencies - see also zoomer
Churchie 1: yo my churchie brova nigga madd ass homie. you wanna take that dog in da ass?
Churchie 2: fo' shizzle my nizzle
by tom December 04, 2004
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Description of someone is obsesses with church and is constantly talking about or going to church
by hehe vb June 19, 2005
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Typically offensive and/or deragotry. Seldomly used in a playful manner.

1. Regular church goers, every Sunday if not everyday. They use the bible for any and every decision. As well as abiding by all of the "rules" like no swearing. Typically gets offended by anything that is normally funny.

2. Anyone who is part of the other 50% of the country that is religous, particulary one who
"I can't stand those churchies that refuse medical treatment because of their religion."
by multiplexguru February 11, 2008
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