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Someone who keeps on applying ASS as a fake axiom to prove that two triangles are congruent—when their corresponding sides and angles are equal in magnitude.
Donald is such an ASShole who continues to frustrate his math teacher, by committing the same error time and again.
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by MathPlus March 12, 2017
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someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead....
Sean is the biggest fucking asshole I've ever met in my life!
by Jenna Tools November 30, 2002
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An asshole is a person who doesn't treat people with respect.

There is nothing good about such a person.
Sean, the asshole, gave shit to the people around him.

"I'm surrounded by assholes!"
by Treat people with respect! August 31, 2011
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The equivalent term of bitch for a man.

An inconsiderate, arrogant, uncaring, selfish, borderline sadistic, apathetic, mean, spiteful, dishonorable, bastard of a man who could tempt the Pope into a fight.
He's claiming Johnny on his taxes even though you have custody?! He barely sees him, and gives you no child support! You need every penny to take care of your son, Tara!! What an asshole.
by Bwillis August 05, 2007
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An asshole likes to make stuff up, deny seemingly small details, or randomly change their stories and narratives, because he or she thinks that the other person: just doesn't get it; is not allowed to understand or define the behavior of the asshole because the asshole is a victim; or because the other person can't prove what it is the asshole is doing.
Most assholes are emotionally, physically, mentally, or sexually abusive.
by Rosebud2939 December 27, 2016
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A totally and completely passive-aggressive JERK who believes the world SHOULD and MUST revolve around his own wants and needs and whims and who therefore has a sick stupid disregard for the universal law of "reaping what you sow" cuz he "thinks" it SURELY could not apply to or negatively impact him because he's too much The S_ _ t!!!
The dude is such a ridiculously arrogant, overly-self-confident Asshole, that it's obvious he must be incredibly INSECURE -- or just plain CRAZY!
by Yo! April 17, 2004
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