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oh fuck. guess I'm supposed to define the hottest, horniest duo of the dream SMP.
dreamnotfound is hella gay!
by sophieisapatheticthot66 January 15, 2022
George was sitting on the couch, watching an old sit com to pass the time before his best friend, Dream, arrived. He was rubbing himself through his jeans, grinning.

"C'mere George!" Dream chuckled, seeming to match his beloved kettle laugh. "I know you want to"

George opened the door, freezing when he caught sight of Dream rubbing himself. "You gay piece of shit, get over here," Dream called, tearing off his coat and shirt.

George stared at Dream, he was all of a sudden feeling horny aswell. George piled ontop of Dream. he began to kiss all over his body. Dream also began to kiss him aswell and he felt his hard cock against Dream's leg.

They met in the middle, Frenching madly. Their tongues smashed together violently and Dream dragged George to the bedroom, taking off his shirt as well.

George unzipped his fly and pushed his pants down around his ankles. He forced Dream to his knees, shoving his hard cock in his face. Dream willingly took to sucking it harshly while undoing his own pants.

After twenty minutes, they got into the 69 position on Dream's bed, sucking each other's dicks hungrily. They moaned with each suck, deep throating soon.

Dream unexpectedly raised up, dick still in George's mouth, and began to penetrate his anus. George groaned with pleasure, lunging forward with each powerful thrust. Too weak to continue, the two men fell into a heap, George's dick wedged in Dream's butthole.
something hot on the inteernet.

a ship comsisitening of both dream and George, both dream smo members.

this ship is very well known to mak sexual and sus remarks to each other on stweam.

a very common coiplay topic.

something who I wassa haver a threesome with someday!
After regaining his strength, Dream stuck his tongue into George's anus and began eating him out, both of them retiring to the doggy after two hours of gay sex.

"That was amazing" George moaned, still stripped down. It was the best dreamnotfound sex ever.
"That was amazing" George moaned, still stripped down. It was the best dreamnotfound sex ever.
by sophieisapatheticthot66 February 18, 2022
1. A contemptuous “human” who goes around doing cruel and intentional shit simply to piss other people off. These individuals get off on this and are obviously deeply insecure and have nothing better to do. It’s all fun and games until the Asshole says the wrong thing to the wrong person. These are usually males, as females of this sort are known as bitches.

2. A part of the female and male human body that can be fucked. The sex-related to the asshole is also known as Anal Sex. Gay couples often participate in this form of sexual activity. Much harder to pop out babies by using this form of sex. Also... an excellent opportunity to get STDs.

3. The part of the human body where shit or excrement exits the body.
1. "That Asshole was making fun of that bloke in the wheelchair who had no legs."

2. "I wanna fuck you in the asshole tonight Sam."

3. "Y'know that feeling when shit pours out of your asshole 5 times a week?"
by sophieisapatheticthot66 January 17, 2022
to fuck, to screw, to bang, to reproduce, to copulate, to pork your lover, to booger my bed, to hump your honey, to get laid, to lay some pipe, to hide the salami, to slam (or to get slammed), to burry the bone, to stuff the donut, to moisten the carpet, to dine in the Y, to munch on the rug, to physically express shit, to slam the hen, to shoot the sherbert, to whack Willy Wonka into Wonderland, to yodel in the mighty fairy-infested, stinky, and yeast-infested canyon of love. There are many kinds of this, like dick in ass and dick in vagina, dick in mouth or vagina in mouth. It expresses pleasure for both men and women.
"I got fucked, John."
"Realy, by who?"
"Stupid question pussyhole. It was us."
"Yes, sex babe."
by sophieisapatheticthot66 January 15, 2022
the term, 'sex', could fit under a variety of labels:
to fuck
to be fucked
to be porked
to stuff the turkey
to get laid
to be bred
to breed
to be arroused, or to finish getting aroused
to hump the honey
to trumpet the clarinet
to ride the saddle
to suck off, or to be sucked
to make love
to inseminate
to ejaculate
to knock the willy wonka into wonderland
to jack off together
to work out harder
to relieve a bad day
to pop the pussy
to pop the asshole

to lay some pipe
to stuff the donut
to physically express shit
to yodel
to moisten the sheets
to moisten the carpet
to moisten the bedsheets
to hide the salami
to pork your lover
to booger the bed
to slam
to get slammed
to dine in the Y
to munch on the rug
to slam the hen
to shoot the sherbert
to reporduce
to bang
to screw
to burry the bone
... and many more.
i want to be fucked in thev pussy like they all say in sex Courtney
"ohhhh really whell i want to fuck and be proked by you too sam"
by sophieisapatheticthot66 November 27, 2022
a dsmp ship who often cuddles n shit on stream. just watch the irl streams yu dumm

consists of kalr and sapnip!!!

also can have quarkity in ship calle karlnapity
sapnap and karl play some dream smp after the cooking stream. krl took his shirt off after it was hot. the they fack like karlnap
by sophieisapatheticthot66 February 18, 2022