The sexual act of ejaculating upon your partner's face to create a base of semen upon your canvas and then sprinkling sprinkles (preferably rainbow sprinkles) to top off your partner add a cherry, chocolate syrup, and other condiments to expand your sprinkling.
Jeff: Dude my bed is an absolute mess from last night?
Chris: What? Did you and Britney try anal?
Jeff: No we tried sprinkling there's sprinkles and whipped cream all over my bed still it was like sex with Willy Wonka.
Chris: Nice
by perverttree September 10, 2012
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Initially meant "bless your heart" or "blessings". But after being popularized by viral TikTok star SheRa Seven (sprinkle sprinkle lady), giving financial-oriented dating advice to the girls, "sprinkle sprinkle" became a way to allude to her and her way of approaching dating life.
"If a man asks about your body count, ask him about his bank account. Sprinkle Sprinkle."
"If a man wants to go for a date on Starbucks, bring your friend to make it clear this is not a date. Sprinkle Sprinkle."
by dontuseyourrealname12456 September 1, 2023
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Sprinkle sprinkle is a slang term that means "blessings" or "bless your heart." It was coined by YouTuber SheraSeven, but has since spread to and gone viral on TikTok.
"When a man says I've been taken advantage of financially before' he's trying to tell you he's not going to give you any type of money. So your response should be 'oh I'm so sorry you're having financial issues. I didn't know. Are you sure you're able to, you know, be out and about and paying for dinners and things like that? Because maybe you shouldn't really be dating right now if you're, you know, unable to afford it.' sprinkle sprinkle"
by xforeverlove21 August 10, 2023
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1) to pass on knowledge to another

2) to pass a physical object
3) to spread information

Term originated in the Bay Area.
Featured in E-40's 1995 song "Sprinkle Me"
"I'm finna sprinkle you fools with some of this G-A-M-E"

"We talked about what really went down, she sprinkled me with some new information"

Everyone is partaking in something good. You say, "sprinkle me some".
by duradogg July 2, 2012
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A small baby shower, or a baby shower for a second kid.
Our first was a girl, so my friends threw me a sprinkle so I could get non pink clothes for our new baby boy.
by Gjgbfhjnbcyt? January 25, 2018
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a code name for spirits mixed with juice or any other innocuous beverage
Neb: Hey, you want some juice?
Chibbles: Na, son, juice is for fags.
Neb: Are you sure? Its got sprinkles.
Chibbles: Ah hellz yeah! I likes sprinkles.
by Nebtastic July 11, 2010
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Verb: Gender-neutral term for male or female ejaculation.
Noun: Gender-neutral term for the male or female ejaculate.
Dude, I went down on her and she sprinkled all over my face.

Oh man, I totally filled her up with my sprinkle.
by Shark_Topus November 21, 2010
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