An Armoured Personnel Carrier. Usually a vehicle used by the military to create a safe environment for soldiers when they are traveling.

A variation of the Armoured Personnel Carrier is a pregnant woman wearing a bullet-proofed vest or medieval armour.
APCs are used to transport soldiers from one point to another safely in battle, as the typical APC is a combination of a lightweight tank and a 6-seater car (excludes drivers).

Bob saw a pregnant woman walking down the street wearing a bulletproof vest. "Well if a pregnant woman carries a child, she's a personnel carrier. And if she's wearing a bulletproof vest, she's armoured. Hey! She's an armoured personnel carrier - APC!" he murmured to himself.
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Codename initials for an Armored Personnel Carrier, a type of armored vehicle commonly used for transporting military personnel.
"A Hummer isn't a good example of an APC because it's not so well-armored; it's meant for high-speed transportation. But since there are many different kinds of Hummers, maybe one could be souped-up to withstand bulet-barrages."
by Dave March 26, 2004
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A Perfect Circle - Maynards (singer from Tool) other band. Only the best band in the world. Did an awesome cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" Their latest album was very anti-war. Good shit.
"I missed the APC concert! Pisst!"

"You heard Maynards new band APC music? Good shit"
by abeni May 7, 2005
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American Products Company
A Piece of Crap

A company that produces a bunch of ricer parts for cars, parts that absolutely do nothing for the car except get you fix it tickets from cops and make it look like it came from a fast and the furious movie. Notoriously known for their "Euro" "Altezza" style taillights for just about every car out there.
Should I buy an APC intake or an OBX one?
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
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