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An Armoured Personnel Carrier. Usually a vehicle used by the military to create a safe environment for soldiers when they are traveling.

A variation of the Armoured Personnel Carrier is a pregnant woman wearing a bullet-proofed vest or medieval armour.
APCs are used to transport soldiers from one point to another safely in battle, as the typical APC is a combination of a lightweight tank and a 6-seater car (excludes drivers).

Bob saw a pregnant woman walking down the street wearing a bulletproof vest. "Well if a pregnant woman carries a child, she's a personnel carrier. And if she's wearing a bulletproof vest, she's armoured. Hey! She's an armoured personnel carrier - APC!" he murmured to himself.
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1. Abbreviation for AP Computer Science.

2. To give up all hope in something (usually work), which is usually accompanied by getting off task and not doing anything productive, or by going crazy and smashing or throwing something in an indescribable rage.
Aaron APCSed his chemistry and computer programming work. Instead of doing work, he just quietly washed glassware in the back sink away from his lab partner, and looked at Pokemon glitches and pictures on Google images.

Andrew APCSed his computer programs by yelling cuss words at his computer monitor and breaking his pencil.
by mulch17 February 19, 2010
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Codename initials for an Armored Personnel Carrier, a type of armored vehicle commonly used for transporting military personnel.
"A Hummer isn't a good example of an APC because it's not so well-armored; it's meant for high-speed transportation. But since there are many different kinds of Hummers, maybe one could be souped-up to withstand bulet-barrages."
by Dave March 26, 2004
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A Perfect Circle - Maynards (singer from Tool) other band. Only the best band in the world. Did an awesome cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" Their latest album was very anti-war. Good shit.
"I missed the APC concert! Pisst!"

"You heard Maynards new band APC music? Good shit"
by abeni May 06, 2005
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American Products Company
A Piece of Crap

A company that produces a bunch of ricer parts for cars, parts that absolutely do nothing for the car except get you fix it tickets from cops and make it look like it came from a fast and the furious movie. Notoriously known for their "Euro" "Altezza" style taillights for just about every car out there.
Should I buy an APC intake or an OBX one?
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
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