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Rough and extremely gratifying sex had after an argument.
That bitch was yelling at me all day, but she was screaming my name during makeup sex.
by DeeZNutZ April 9, 2003
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To produce energy in another person by forcefully inserting your penis into an available opening on someone's body.
If you don't get out of bed now I'ma go over there and fuckstart your skull!
by DeeZNutZ April 9, 2003
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A Hoe on a Pussy.
Damn bra, that cheating bitch be sleeping with honeys. She ain’t nothing but a HONAP!
by DeeZNutZ August 12, 2019
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To have a group of people spying on a chick. It's like a "hang-out" , but in a perverted way; to watch porn with a group of people.
Last night , John held a perv-out.
by DeeZNutZ June 11, 2015
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Nissan chassis code for a U.S 89-94 240SX, Jpn 89-94 Siliva, Jpn 89-98 180SX, Aus 200SX
I gotta quarter tank of gas in the S13, Gimme a dolla!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
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the 31st state to be admitted to the u.s.. home to about 40 million people, most of whom were actually born in other states, especially arizona. Also home to a disproportionate amount of pollution, traffic jams, gang activity, drugs, riots, earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, superficial people, monotonous weather, hollywood, water and power shortages...
california... a nice place to visit, but it's not so great for living there...
by DeeZNutZ May 8, 2003
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