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Rough and extremely gratifying sex had after an argument.
That bitch was yelling at me all day, but she was screaming my name during makeup sex.
by DeeZNutZ April 9, 2003
I fucked this girl and she kept screaming,"Bungchow!". I thought she was enjoying it but it turns out I fucked her in the ass.
by DeeZNutZ December 30, 2004
Uhhh, could i getta number 2 with a coke and supa size that shiet!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
A marijuana user who smokes in moderation. Not the same as a wordstonerword.Potheads are more mature users.
I'm a pothead not a stoner!
by DeeZNutZ October 24, 2003
American Products Company
A Piece of Crap

A company that produces a bunch of ricer parts for cars, parts that absolutely do nothing for the car except get you fix it tickets from cops and make it look like it came from a fast and the furious movie. Notoriously known for their "Euro" "Altezza" style taillights for just about every car out there.
Should I buy an APC intake or an OBX one?
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003