Something you say after you teleport behind someone, especially with a melee weapon in hand.
*teleports behind you*
Nothing personnel, kid.
(It is then implied here that they get stabbed or something)
by speedycube64 August 14, 2018
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A misspelling of "nothing personal, kid" meant to detect the presence of newfags, who, unaware of the in-joke, will attempt to correct the spelling. Similar in purpose to phrases such as "turn 360 degrees and walk away" or "RIP in pieces".
veteran: "*Teleports behind you* Psssh, nothing personnel, kid."
newbie: "I think you mean to say nothing personal?"
veteran: "Psssh, you must be new here."
by oldfag12345 March 31, 2019
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A person whom does not like ducks.
Oh hey! A duck! Lets hope that there is no "nothin personnel kid" around.
by DuckOneO July 5, 2017
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I had this idea that would entertaining, educational, and loved by everyone and this isn’t the proper way to shoot u an idea I’m sure but I’m doin it soo

If urban dictionary had a tab/link to a new sector - Urban Gestures. Because there’s a million ways people say things to each other on the street, or work, etc that are done without words.. and how can I put a gesture into urban dictionary as a word. - ya can’t!

the hobo community is thick with gestures, which homed people usually don’t understand if they see.. and hobos and urban dictionary are like shoe laces to shoes.. ie. when we are just tryin to fill our gas tank for $200 to at least know what the fucks are saying to each other surrounding the location, maybe its hello, maybe they mean rape the ass of this person after the gas pump finishes raping them, we dunno.. but if we did know a gesture and know it’s an I am legend situation - probably save the zombie booty hole raping!

But really - urban gestures would be dope. And people must post the gesture as a gif, or a set of 1-5 images showing the gesture, and to what the common assumed name given to the gesture I guess, and a definition to its meaning. Or some shit like that.. but I know, I know, Idea is gold right? And just don’t forget about the little guy here who gave you the idea when it gets humongous as f now alright?! ;) Lol But free idea from me to you guys to have none the less. and still could bang out coffe mugs and T shirts with the gestures :) lol. Later
by pseudonympho March 23, 2022
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More accurate descriptor for the Human Resources, HR, or Personnel Departments in many companies.
After Bill got really sick, the Anti-Personnel Department found an excuse to fire him, and cancel his medical insurance, because he had turned up late for work a couple of times..
by Naughty Daddy February 19, 2021
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