Something you say after you teleport behind someone, especially with a melee weapon in hand.
*teleports behind you*
Nothing personnel, kid.
(It is then implied here that they get stabbed or something)
by speedycube64 August 14, 2018
A misspelling of "nothing personal, kid" meant to detect the presence of newfags, who, unaware of the in-joke, will attempt to correct the spelling. Similar in purpose to phrases such as "turn 360 degrees and walk away" or "RIP in pieces".
veteran: "*Teleports behind you* Psssh, nothing personnel, kid."
newbie: "I think you mean to say nothing personal?"
veteran: "Psssh, you must be new here."
by oldfag12345 March 31, 2019
A person whom does not like ducks.
Oh hey! A duck! Lets hope that there is no "nothin personnel kid" around.
by DuckOneO July 5, 2017
More accurate descriptor for the Human Resources, HR, or Personnel Departments in many companies.
After Bill got really sick, the Anti-Personnel Department found an excuse to fire him, and cancel his medical insurance, because he had turned up late for work a couple of times..
by Naughty Daddy February 19, 2021
a person whom plays an instruments for fellow band people and could possibly also be called a Mar
heck here comes the band personnel with the (insert instrument here)
by bigboi_spamz May 15, 2018