Antipop Consortium - an amazing hip-hop group with tight rhymes.
Yo, APC are cunning linguists.
by diversity333 November 14, 2004
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Ass Pussy Combo

getting both ass and pussy at the same time. simultaneously.
Let's go get some APC.

by Spraynard Kruger February 02, 2008
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The best god damn tribes player... ever
dude, Apc just owned the hell out of me
by adam October 09, 2004
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College Board split up APC Physics into two tests. You would think that they made each section half as easy.

Apparently not. These two tests are still the hardest tests in all of high school; now, however, you have to pay twice to get raped twice.
A: "How did you do on the APC Physics AP Tests?"
B: "Which section?"
A: "Mechanics?"
B: "I was raped."
A: "Then how did you do on the electricity and magnetism section?"
B: "I was raped even harder."
by KobeDragon December 15, 2010
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