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A band whose beautiful lyrics, slow undertones, and rythmic melodies come to play. James Maynard Keenan as frontman, also known from the ever so popular band Tool. A Perfect Circle started off as a lowly side project of Maynards and soon became a huge a hit. Their albums include Mer de Noms, The Thirteenth Step, and eMOTIVE, and also have a few dvd's and box set albums.

After Tool went on hiatus in the late 90's, Maynard made headway with A Perfect Circle and recorded the album for nearly two years before it's debut release of Mer de Noms, with hits such as Judith, Orestes, Magdalena, and 3 Libras. The band it's self was quickly recognized and made it to the big time within little less than a year of it's release, soon after The Thirteenth Step was released. The Thirteenth Step picked up where Mer de Noms and left off, and also made it into the charts, with hits such as Weak and Powerless, The Noose, and Pet. A year or so later eMOTIVE was released, all songs were covers, even one of their own, though it wasn't what most A Perfect Circle fans had expected, it did reasonably well.

A Perfect Circle is on hiatus until Tool decides they want another hiatus.
If you like Tool and A Perfect Circle, you should check out Maynards latest side project Puscifer.
by teh_kimzor May 29, 2008
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a very talented band with a distinct sound and hauntingly beautiful vocals by Maynard James Keenan (also the singer from Tool). as well as powerful and thought provoking lyrics.
Weak & Powerless is one of "A Perfect Circle's" best songs.
by hyuguyj December 08, 2004
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H-O-W-E-R-D-E-L, and yesh, he's pretty talented. Maynard's vocals are pretty fucking sweet as well. A shame about Paz leaving the band, though... She was hot. And it's not fair to compare APC with Tool. That's like comparing the Beetles to Anthrax.
Thirteenth Step, the new APC record, is pretty fucking awesome. My favorite track is "Gravity".
by Ninja Disaster September 14, 2003
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A kick ass band with the best singer ever as the frontman. Tool are my favourite band of all time and A Perfect Circle are Second. They rule, Mer De Noms And Thirteenth Step both kick ass but the latter is better
They rule
by Wallace Boy October 17, 2003
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the best band ever. maynards voice gives me chills. i can't believe they are coming to australia!!!
by milan January 02, 2004
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I'm taking her home with me,All dressed in white.
She's got everything I need, Pharmacy Keys.
She's fallin hard for me,I can see it in her eyes.
She acts just like a nurse with all the other guys.
A Perfect Circle is a highly underrated band.
by Adam December 03, 2004
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