Assigned Male At Birth
Even though I was AMAB, I'm a woman. I'm a transwoman.
by p3ngu1n78 May 25, 2011
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All mods are bastards. All of them. Even the ones on your favorite discord servers.
East1: “did you see that discord mod muted me again last night? Fucking AMAB

Radrach23: “AMAB, all of them.”
by radrach23 January 26, 2022
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all mods(modders)are bastards

often used on forums, the word is used to show mods that someone dislikes them.
škafet began to use it on first, before it was popular
by Škafet January 31, 2009
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Used in internet forumes, AMAB is an acronym meaning "All Men Are Bastards"
User 1: My husband slept with his secretary
User 2: AMAB
User 1: Yeah.
by Fume Troll May 6, 2008
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All Mayors Are Bastards. Originates from ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards).
He tear gassed 200 people last night, did a homeless sweep, and is currently tweeting about baseball. I'm not surprised. AMAB.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
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Larissa: I’m so done with men

Maya: AMAB
by Randomgirl753 September 12, 2020
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AMAB stands for "all men are bastards"
"hey im AMAB, but identify as female"
"shut up, AMAB to me means 'all men are bastards' and that includes trans 'women', filthy moid."
by TERF FURRY May 10, 2021
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