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  • birth.men
1. The beginning of very long death.
2. When you are shot out of beaverville
In todays society that baby wont last long. We're too overpopulated as it is.

That mother just birthed her 12th kid. Some religions need to learn to wear condoms.
by barry white September 21, 2003
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The emergence of a new parasitic life form from the inside of a woman's body after said parasite has fed off of its hosts nutrients and deformed the host's body to the point that the fetus must exit the body of the host through a hole naturally no bigger than a quarter. This hole must stretch around the parasite as the parasite begins its journey into the outside world where it will continue for several years to mooch off of its hosts money, time, and energy while the host can only sit there and hope that this parasite will make something of itself with everything its progenitors have given it. . . . .
That's rights chicas! Get pregnant in high school. Go ahead, I've heard that it's fun! Not for your vagina, or your parents, or your boyfriend, or your friends, and not for you if you can't take care of it, but hey! You know what alll the imbeciles are saying now; 'YOLO'!
Don't be stupid. Use a condom.
"Mama what does birth mean?"
"Oh thats when a woman was dumb enough not to use protection so then she has to push a watermelon- like sea-monkey out of her boyhowdy, sweetie."
by Maserati V8 June 14, 2013
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A person who takes so long to do something, that they physically give birth.
Hey maaaaan Dave is giving ultimate birth getting here!
by TheBirthGiver November 29, 2011
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