also, those tools who moderate online message boards.
by pfft, your mom September 3, 2003
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British gangs from the early 60's and 70's who's rival were the Rockers (Teddy Boys). The Mods (short for Modernists) were notorious for pill-popping (blues, bennies, uppers, downers, ecstasy, amphetamines, barbs, booze, goofballs, etc., riding really fast on their Lambrettas/Vespas Italian high-performance scooters, clubbing, orgies, well-dressed/chic, mod hairstyles, listening to jazz/funk/sixties R&B/The Who/The Kinks/The Beatles/The Rolling Stones/etc., partying non-stop (the original ravers), and anti-establishment/anarchy against the moors of The Establishment.

check out "Quadrophenia
by The Who, and see the film NOW. it will change your perspective about teen angst.
We are the Mods, we are the Mods, we are we are we are the Mods!!!
by 'Spider' John Shin May 23, 2005
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short for modules

you can install them to your minecraft worlds.
He installed all the mods for his server.
by pancake king June 30, 2020
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Short for "modifications." Usually applied to aftermarket work on cars.
I just stopped by Autozone, I have a few more mods to add to my car tonight.
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
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body modifications such as piercings, tattoos, scarifications, implants, etc.
guy 1: "i'm really happy with all the mods i've gotten"
guy 2: "if i didn't still live with my parents i would have tons of mods"
by rov3rt June 25, 2004
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a mod short for modernist exeisted back in the 60ies /early 70ies they rode on lambrettas/vespas they listend to the who/pink fylod/the rolling stones/the kinks
the dressed in smart suits and took pills blues/extacy /anythinhg that look like a pill
and had gang bangs and orgies
the first mod e.g
keith moon (drummer from the who)
he made a hole film about mods and rockers amd included everything
by olly sarkar (mod-king) November 23, 2005
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Plural for common name for tracked music. Can be many different file formats though not just .mod

Created by using a program called a trackerTypically tracked music or mod music appears on demos. demoscene
by David April 27, 2004
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