She is literally an amazing friend, on the contrary from other definitions she is not very popular but has enough friends to always make them feel good, she is a free spirit, she loves being with her friends and will always be there for you. If you ever need something don't doubt that Larissa will be there
Person 1: hey im feeling down

Person 2: Have you talked with Larissa already
by larita.patitas October 25, 2020
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Larissa's are usually extremely smart and outgoing women they can seem shy at first but once they open up they can be the life of the party they have an amazing personality and body they are usually brunettes but sometimes they can be blondes once you hurt a Larissa they will never trust you again you can fall in love with a girl name Larissa very easily Larissa's are fashionable women and seems to be very popular they love making new friends and having a good time Larissa's are good friends and good listeners they stay loyal to the person they date and people they love she has an amazing smile and eyes a sexy body
Guy one, Larissa is absolutely amazing

Guy two, I agree she sure does now how to lighten up a room
by Holly69 March 3, 2016
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the hottest baddest bitches alive. everyone who is given this name is destined to be awesome. they may look intimidating but if you're nice to them they will love you instantly
girl A: wow she's hot! do you know her?
girl B: yeah! her name's Larissa

girl A: that makes so much sense
by beyourowngoddess July 16, 2021
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a girl who looks up her name in urban dict and gets scared by how accurate most of the defenitions are so she makes her own to scare more Larissas
Larissa: *looks up name in urban dict*
Also Larissa: "im calling my lawyer who be stalking me"
by bananasmakemedie April 16, 2019
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Larissa is a pretty, Smart,& love to be around lots of people.Has blackish brownish hair. Has a great body shape Gets asked out alot by many dudes.
Dude one I wonder if Larissa would let me get some of that

Dude Two Nahh man shes way out of ur lead My dude.
by Baby girl leah February 21, 2019
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A really sweet and generous girl who loves animals and nature in general. She has those beautiful eyes you can't stop to stare at and this perfect smile that let you know everything is gonna be allright. Larissa worries too much and sometimes can get lost in her thoughts. She accidently cut herself from times to times. She is very intuitive and knows when people may be hiding something. She values honesty and is always ready for an adventure. Her beauty equates her wild and crazy personality.
Dude1: Woaw! That girl is amazing!
Dude2: Duuhh, she is a Larissa.
by pierne93 January 1, 2015
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Larissa is so outgoing. She's such a big dreamer and loves to fool around. Usually a brunette or blonde and loves to be with friends. She's easily mistaken as a jerk or "too good for you" type, however is such a beautiful person on the inside. She can have questionable friends - she tries to friend everyone in hopes to make them happy. She's usually very popular and is always a favourite. She's amazing and always there for you. Larissa is a good catch and has the brightest smile EVER. She's known to be not very athletic, but yet has an crazy awesome body figure! Se can have problems with self dislike, but all in all is awesome.
Stranger: "Hey, who's that?"
Friend of Larissa: "that's Larissa"
Stranger: "niceeee"
by HonestlyGurl1212 November 27, 2012
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