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A screenshot you found online or in the Google dot com search results featuring incredibly ordinary information. Announced with much fanfare like a Wikileaks data dump, but is really just a quote from someone's tweets. Generally posted on Twitter dot com, always including a tag to alert the FBI.
Another Antifa bombshell is coming tomorrow. Here is the same photo once again, and 100% verified evidence that Antifa did the moon landing.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
To avoid doing your job, or to escape an undesirable situation in which you will be required to do work.
Texas had no water and 8 people died of freezing temperatures, so Ted Cruz decided to go to Cancun away from the nasty Poors and all of his suffering citizens.

This teach-in sucks. Wanna go to Cancun?
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
To experience so much fear and dissatisfaction that you literally flee the country. Primarily used by those persecuted for consistently inciting violence and generally being wildly unpopular. Most people who flee to London also write a book about it.

Can also be used to describe a desire to escape any uncomfortable situation.
Andy Ngo was so afraid of the city of Portland that he decided to flee to London to escape persecution for being a fascist.

I am so frustrated by this class. I think I will flee to London.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
To dramatically overreact to a situation you dislike.
This is such bullsh*t. I asked for fries, not tater tots. I am going to storm the United States Capitol.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
The legendary war criminal and mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted (Tevis) Wheeler. He loves attacking his citizens with chemical weapons, hates the homeless & the power, and pepper-spraying dairy heirs. He is a truly horrible man renowned on a national scale for his crimes.
Do you think we're gonna forget about you? We're never gonna forget you, Tevis.

Tevis, the only problem we have is that you are an incompetent mayor.

America's renowned war criminals including George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, and, of course, Tevis.

The Pope announced today that Tevis is going to hell and all penance for his sins will be suspended effective immediately.

Tevis loves brutalizing his own people so much that he is now afraid to go in public because he fears their retribution.

We need to completely recall Tevis and never let this happen again.

We saw Tevis walking in to Walmart wearing a large sombrero and sunglasses in disguise so no one would ask him about his war crimes.
by kenoshabrick February 25, 2021
Used to express the deep web of plots and conspiracies concocted by "Antifa". Primarily used by old men on the internet, master sleuths, and people who are not on Twitter.
I am about to drop another Antifa bombshell. Their crimes know no bounds. It's all connected to Soros money. The tentacles run deep.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021
The white vans used by police departments to make mass arrests. (Originates from the 2016 internet meme, "Damn, Daniel! Back at it again with the white Vans.")
I saw the Damn Daniels roll up and I knew the night was going to be bad.
by kenoshabrick March 3, 2021