Jotaros mom.
"Yo jotaros mom is so hot she's a milf."
by November 11, 2021
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Short for "mother I'd like to fuck". It is a term for a woman who is the mother of someone your age, who you'd like to have sex with. The term was popularised by the movie "American Pie" (1999).
I don't like my new class mate, but his mother is hot. She's a MILF.
by EliasG July 17, 2018
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1. Mom I'd Like to Fuck, or Mature I'd Like to Fuck
A MILF is any woman with children who has men that want to have sexual intercourse with her. The term is also sometimes used to describe women above a certain aged (30 or 40+) who are not mothers themselves, but are deemed to be sexually attractive, and also have men that would like to partake in sexual intercourse with them.

2. MILF also stands for the "Moro Islamic Liberation Front", who are based in the Southern Phillipines and were created in 1978. Their primary goals are to establish an independant homeland, governed under Sharia law, for the Moro peoples.

It should be noted that I did not even know of the existance of the "Moro Islamic Liberation Front" before today, and that in everyday conversation MILF is far more likely tomean the first definition and not the latter.
Your mum is a MILF, dude

I saw this total MILF getting off the bus today
by slamdaddy November 22, 2005
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Is an acronoym:

Stands for mother I'd like to fuck.

Can also stand for man I love fishing.

I myself am a fan of hot moms and fishing.
Stifler's mom is a milf. Your mother is also a milf.
by M_Dubz152 June 9, 2023
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A hot ass mom you wanna smash and kill all night long.
M.I.L.F. - Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck
"Dayum! yo Johnny yo mom is a straight up MILF! I wanna hit that!"
by Sk8_Depot November 23, 2007
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‘please francis, stop
asking what i’m
doing, i just told you i’m milf’
by vacuum cleaner 123 March 22, 2021
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Mother id love (to) FUCK.
Devan andersons mom was SO hot. Shes a deff. milf
by Devan's Mom's P-I-M-P November 12, 2009
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