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A winter hockey game, played with a red ball on an ice rink the size of a football pitch and with many rules similar to association football. It was developed in England in the 19th Century and is especially popular in Russia, Sweden and Finland, where it is played professionally. The Federation of International Bandy is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. The name of the game comes from the bent bandy stick.
Bandy is the football of winter, also called 'winter football'.
by EliasG March 27, 2015
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A team sport played on ice. It's like ice hockey but faster and played with a ball and on a rink the size of a football pitch. The rules are like association football with 11 man teams.
The swiftness of hockey and the showmanship of soccer, makes bandy!
by EliasG March 28, 2018
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Apart from the obvious meaning of urinating in the swimming pool, this term is also used to describe when someone is stealthily disturbing someone else's party or other gathering.
Spreading the rumour that there was something wrong with the drinks, Johnny was really peeing in the pool at Henry's place.
by EliasG April 5, 2019
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Incorrect term for a lover of what's Swedish. The correct term is suecophile.
- What's a lover of Swedish stuff called? A swedophile?
- No, a suecophile.
by EliasG February 3, 2016
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Short for "mother I'd like to fuck". It is a term for a woman who is the mother of someone your age, who you'd like to have sex with. The term was popularised by the movie "American Pie" (1999).
I don't like my new class mate, but his mother is hot. She's a MILF.
by EliasG July 17, 2018
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He is disturbing and provoking. He is just out to troll.
by EliasG November 11, 2015
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A team sport played on ice with sticks. It is a bit like bandy, but on a smaller field and with a puck in stead of a ball. The five field players go on and off the ice pretty often during the game.
- Do you play bandy in these parts?

- No, we don't have the space for a bandy rink, so we only play ice hockey.
by EliasG March 28, 2018
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