The white shit that comes out your little meat package when you beat it to hard.
Girl: I want to see you jizz.

Guy: Well come over here and beat my meat for me.

Girl: OK!!!
by AceSpaDes80 August 1, 2011
The unfortunate name for a style of music in the Star Wars universe. The famous Cantina Band in a New Hope was playing Jizz.
This Jizz is music to my ears. -Connoisseur of Jizz.
by Deltasword February 11, 2014
i caught him jizzing in his pants over my picture
by Candy May 9, 2004
To give up and cause your white children to leave your erected penis onto/into either a woman's chest, Back, Arse, Face, or Hair. Sometimes caused by thinking about Women you could never fuck, then rubbing yourself for 1-4 minutes, then finishing on a paper towl, the toilet, outside the window, or onto the computer
Bill: Oh god i'm about to JIZZ!
Anne: Pull out! Pull out!
by unobruno01 May 16, 2013
After masturbation is complete; or the act of cumming on someones face
I Once Jizzed on my girlfriends face.
by Brett April 25, 2005
"Bro they dude just broke my ankles"
"IK you got them shits jizzed"
by LordLamb October 19, 2018