a dandy boy. studies have shown that seungmin helps with depression, especially when he laughs, shares his happiness.
he’s goddamn lucky he met day6 new day6 cb: 22/10/2019 because he loves them so much.

how is it like to stan day6? every song is a bop. at day6 concerts, members can literally sit next to fans and no one’s touching them, mydays are respectful.
this is written in acceptance with seungmin since he’s the president of mydays and wants to promote them since jyp doesn’t do it.

seungmin is a vocal god, his voice is very unique and addictive but he does not only slay his vocal parts, he’s a damn good rapper. he’s a person who works a very hard. his improvements are incredible. he improved in everything: english skills, stage presence, mc-ing, singing, dancing, rapping; just being an idol and stays are very proud of their puppy. seungmin’s personality is very interesting, he’s really savage. in stray kids’ dorm, he would always snap food from his members away before they could eat it. savage. when he roasts someone, a little “sorry” or “just kidding” follows. he cares about the others. actually, he’s kind-hearted and cheers his members up when they’re sad.
seungmin is born in 2000 and an adult, yet he’s childish too. he would always do that “guaaah”. his crying breaks everyone’s heart and so, he has to be protected.

in conclusion, he’s a person who deserves real love, happiness and stays should continue loving him with all their heart because he does, too.
my eyes are actually bleeding from the brightness of the sun but- it’s not the sun, it’ seungmin’s smile and laugh!
by _lienaa_ October 18, 2019
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person one: seungmin's english name is sky???
person two: wow his power the sky was named after him king
by bring back cherrymin October 12, 2019
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He is the extraoridinary person who has the smartness, good looking, tall and trustworthy to all people around him. He is the best korean person and will shine the world of happiness.
With seungmin, you will receieve good luck and many mircles will happen to you
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the hot and sexc vocalist in stray kids 😼
who’s the one w the monster cock ?
oh that’s seungmin !
by enbyseung August 9, 2020
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A very cute lil baby who slays at belting high notes that your faves can't relate.

Also a human form of purity, innocence, and happiness also mariah carey soul.

There's a tale, when God himself created Seungmin he accidentally spill too much UWU and keep adding it more.
friend : who's that cutie
me : oh that's a seungmin right there uwu i love him so much i wanna kidnap him and feed him sweets and sing a lullaby to him uh.

friend : wow he sings good
me : a seungmin is very good indeed, he surpasses mariah carey in every aspect, your faves can never relate
by ilovemystraykidstay November 10, 2018
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Someone who is retaining all of their power and will one day release it to obliterate the earth. A Seungmin may appear shy at first, but once you get to know them you’ll realise your cheeks hurt from smiling.

Seungmin is a breath of fresh air and a bright blue sky. If you see a Seungmin smile, consider yourself blessed.
Person: I saw the light and it was Seungmin.
by Averagejoe October 20, 2019
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Seungmin is an amazing singer. Seungmin is always happy.

Although Seungmin is the definition of "If a puppy were a person", he can turn salty if you annoy him. But this doesn't happen much unless you're Changbin!
Seungmin is a dandy boy.
by BTStraykids October 18, 2019
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