1) a group of flamingos
2) a situation in which you have to make a hard decicion
"Have you figured out who your going to the dance with?"
"Ughh no , this is such a flamboyance!"
by Dogsdoingyoga September 5, 2015
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That's it Louis William Tomlinson is the definition of flamboyant.
Gosh! He is such a flamboyant lad
by Aimh28 November 11, 2018
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1. Adjective:
Mostly means over the top, loud, colourful.

Can be applied to objects or people.

Often associated with gay men, but does not MEAN "gay" as some previous additions seem to imply.
1. The float at the carnival was very flamboyant.

2. Geoff is being very flamboyant tonight.
by Thomarse. February 29, 2008
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freddie mercury. that's just it.
if you know, you know.

"Hey, you look pretty gay today, I love that shade of flamboyant on you."
by hey_o_buddy_o December 16, 2018
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adj. florid (writing speech) usually in a freestyle.
brillantly colorful
Big L was the best flamboyant rapper.
by Dong Woo October 17, 2003
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The superpower ability to float on water while engulfed in flames
Little did the evil Dr. Mordock realize that our hero was flamboyant! setting her on fire allowed her to safely float on water.
by Dr.Delicious November 16, 2009
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Tengen Uzui.
That's all.
Have you seen those giant ass gems on his headband??
"Look at Tengen! He's being his usual flamboyant self!"
by Nezuko Channnnn! April 26, 2022
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