9gag is the slang word for a 9 way gay orgy
hey dude I was in this awesome 9gag gangbang last nigh, never been riden so hard in my life.
by Drefsab January 12, 2012
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The cancer of the internet. A place where foreign people who don't know better and newfags go to revel in their own shitty glory. Memes were created in the something awful forums, or born, raised in 4chan, killed in reddit, buried in tumblr/funnyjunk, and put on shameful display in 9gag. The worst part, is that they claim the memes to be made by them.
Even worse than that, they try to sell those memes on t-shirts and pins.
tl;dr fuck 9gag.
9GAG ALL THE THINGS! OMG I'm so forever alone! this is the funniest place on the planet! 4chan is scary :(. TROLOLOLOL UMAD U BUTTHURT!-typical 9gag user.
by tobyg December 26, 2011
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The shittiest thing on the vastness of the internet.
It's average (read: all) 12 year old shit heads claiming to be Anonymous and adding "Le" to every goddamn thing they can.
They also steal content off of Reddit, 4chan and Tumblr and claim it as their own.
It's the reason why you're puppy go run over and your Gramma died.
Person 1: "Fuck off stupid 9fag"
9fag: "Hurr Durr, Im Le legion, ill hack yur internet"

4channer: "Did you see that funny shit a week ago?"
9fag: "9gag made that yesterday, not u fags"
Redditor: "Go choke on your boyfriends dick already"
by F9G September 03, 2013
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Guy: "Siri, from now on, call me "Reject Shit Head"."
Siri: "Okay. From now on, I'll call you "Reject 9gag Head". Is that what you wanted?"
by Mister Cookie September 20, 2012
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9gag is to pictures what Ebaumsworld is to video.
It pretends to host original content but in fact contains re-posted memes and images almost as old of the internet. 9gag and it's band internet thieves post content often stolen off existing sites and watermarked them.

9gag is much like Facebook nowadays and frequently features posts by people who have only just discovered internet memes and frequently miss the point.
The day that 9gag has decent original content is foretold in the book of revelations and therefore is synonymous with the end of the world.
by daftsteampunk December 29, 2012
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The veritable shit of internet meme websites. After a meme being created on 4chan, then over used on reddit, then left to sit on some random idiot's tumblr, it eventually work it's way to 9gag where it will be declared EPIC and completely original.
After getting home from band camp, I immediately use my Zune to read 9gag.
by wasanewtbutgotbetter December 27, 2011
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A horrible excuse for a website than mainly incorporates stolen materials and ideas from other legitimate websites. 9GAG is also a large source of child pornography.
I was going to get on the Internet today but then I remembered that 9GAG existed so I destroyed my computer out of frustration.
by greencurrycamo December 26, 2011
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