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9gag is to pictures what Ebaumsworld is to video.
It pretends to host original content but in fact contains re-posted memes and images almost as old of the internet. 9gag and it's band internet thieves post content often stolen off existing sites and watermarked them.

9gag is much like Facebook nowadays and frequently features posts by people who have only just discovered internet memes and frequently miss the point.
The day that 9gag has decent original content is foretold in the book of revelations and therefore is synonymous with the end of the world.
by daftsteampunk December 29, 2012

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Smart Phones are much like the fabled iPhones of legend, are effectively pimped out Mobile phones with many features derived from other already successful products but in one single device. This saves pocket space but the downside being it’s not quite as good the original devices.
Whilst checking Facebook intermittently and viewing high-resolution photos on a tiny screen whilst in conversation indispensible whilst anyone who they were talking patiently awaits a response.
Bill: Hey how are you?

Ted: I'm good, I'm just on... Haha

Bill: ... What?

Ted: Oh nothing just reading someone's status update on my new smart phone.

Bill: Hmm ok
by DaftSteamPunk September 20, 2010

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Typically iBullshit is the stuff Steve Jobs rambles on about at his keynote speeches. This is an unfortunate side effect of the version of reality Steve Jobs lives in and where he derives his sense of proportion. This iWorld as he sees it is a mystical place where computers are infuriatingly simple and over-priced, also coasters for cups in this mysterious place have touch screens and apps.
Apple: "This changes everything, Again!"

Guy that actually works in IT: "What a load of ibullshit! Phones could already do all of those things!"
by DaftSteamPunk September 22, 2010

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iWorld is a mystical place mainly because it can only be serviced by Mac Engineers without it voiding the warranty. iWorld is somewhere in the not too distant future if the Hipsters have their way where the worlds Mac products have used iTunes to merge into an omnipotent super being. Although there is no longer a choice of products on the plus side there are no Viruses a small trade off for humans only being able to experience the world through a series of retina displays, multi touch pads and click wheels.
How Apple would market it:

iWorld changes everything, again! With the new iWorld OS 4.1 living life has never been easier with millions of Apps, Your Retina, and Haptics all possible with multi tasking you need not experience the hassle of having a complex life again.
by DaftSteamPunk September 22, 2010

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Essentially Vatican Love is one of the last refuges of a randy Catholic Priest as they have taken a vow. Apparently in the Vatican it doesn’t count as sodomy if it involves a Choir Boy. Although the victims see it differently however after cover ups and the use of diplomatic immunity like the baddies in Lethal Weapon 2, the Pope have avoided Chris Hansen so far.
Chris Hansen: Sorry you won't find any vatican love here you sicko. Why don't you have a seat over there?

Catholic Priest: Screw you! (holds up his wallet) I've got Diplomatic immunity!

Chris Hansen: Ok then (takes aim, and fires - his bullet goes through the Priest's wallet, and then his head) It's just been revoked!
by DaftSteamPunk September 22, 2010

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