When you're ready to do something no matter how much trouble you'll get into or you'll jus do it even if it's dangerous
(Tom)-Yo are you going to go trashcan tipping?
(Tim)-Yea i'm riden homie!
by Tamere G January 21, 2007
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Riden is a doofus
by Noopf October 15, 2019
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To drive around town (malls, schools, parking lots, roads...etc) with some friends, find a victim(s), drive up next to them, and when they look BLAST "Never Gonna Give You Up" and start lip syncing /motioning TO them...speed off like nothing happened.
Example of "Rick Riden" Experience:

Driver: Ok, these guys...
(pulls up, rolls down windows)
Random Pedestrians: (what the fuck?)
People In the Car: (Blast "Never Gonna Give You Up")(starts dancing/lip syncing/motioning towards pedestrians)
Random Pedestrians: WHAT THE FUCK (Either laughs OR calls the police)
Driver: (Speeds off)
by It_Never_Happend January 27, 2010
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Riden is a person who can't keep up a relationship. They keep on giving love and affection unbeknownst to him, they find him toxic. He doesn't know where to draw line and give some space.
"He is a good guy, but I think he is kinda Riden."
by Fort November 23, 2021
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You getting through it?
Are you riden? You getting through it? You good?
by AnonymouS562 June 7, 2023
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A professional equivalent to Lol. It is Latin for “I am laughing.” You can’t type Lol in a work email but you can say Ego ridens.
Did the buyer really offer to pay above asking price? Ego ridens.
by Linev December 17, 2020
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An assertive rider with the capabilities to assist in receiving dicked down energy.
How were you two last night? "Riden Down"
by Kae.002 October 22, 2022
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