Another word for a vagina. The word derives from the acidic sting you feel when putting your tongue on a 9-volt battery. There is a somewhat acidic "sting" felt on your tongue when placed on a vagina because of the acidic environment (low pH).
For example: I went down on her 9 volt; Battery acid is leaking from her 9 volt;
by romracer March 3, 2010
A sexual menuever, where a man or woman takes a 9 volt battery, and places the two metal pronges on or in the womans vagina, giving her a mild shock, similar to the shock received when placing one's tounge on the battery.
"Dude, while my girlfriend was asleep, i thought i'd give her a little surprise by giving her the 9 volt."
by spencefence August 27, 2007
To use the shocker (see definition of shocker) while applying your tongue to the clitoris. Evolved from the need to shock ones tongue when in possesion of a nine volt battery.
I was going down on becki, when I shocked her with a 9 volt.
by kelly f. June 8, 2006
what does a 9 volt battery and a womens asshole have in common? A mans tongue has touched both.
"Ah, Man look at her ass"
"9 volt."
by Claus Christian September 25, 2008
Licking of the anus.

It's like licking a 9 volt battery, you know you shouldn't do it but you do it anyway...
You 9 volt your girlfriend.

You lick the ring hole - 9 volting.

As a payout: gary 9 volts joe - he is a 9 volter.
by cotdayum July 3, 2011
While performing cunilingus you dab a 9-volt battery on the clitoris as the woman is having an orgasm.
Yo, Jimmy joined the 9-volt click last night, and he said his woman went wild while doing it.
by Digitalcandy September 17, 2008
The act of using a 9 volt battery sparingly during oral sex on a woman. As to illicit same results of placing on tongue. Preferably a used battery from a smoke alarm or clock to avoid injury, also avoid continuous contact and utilize dot-dot-dash method. (I.e. da-da-da-da-da-dah-da-da, nickelodeon).
I did the 9-volt shocker on her last night and she liked it until she found out what it was and slapped the crap out of me.
by Big Jim 624 September 4, 2007