1. /verb/ to sting someone; be stung by someone. Referring to an event and/or comment that leaves you feeling humiliated or embarrassed.

2. /noun/ A sting.
P1: "I got fired today"
P2: "Ooo sting"
by cuzmore December 19, 2010
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a former wrestler for the WCW...and some retard at my school.
by signaling_suicide_failures March 10, 2004
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One-time successful recording artist with a face like a squashed crab.
Sting found fame with the Police then as a solo artist.
Totally self-absorbed, his main interests have since been tribes, singing in his bare feet (?) and tantric sex.

A word of advice Sting: if that's what tantric sex does to your face, then celibacy is WAY OVERDUE. And sort your hair out n'all, it's weird...
by clairem May 12, 2007
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Lead singer for one of the greatest bands ever (who seem to go unappreciated) THE POLICE!

I believe The Police are one of the most underrated bands of all time. Lead by Sting, who wrote most of their songs lyrics, The Police were a force to be reckoned with. They fused rock, reggae, new wave, and punk together to create such classics as "Walking on the Moon" and "Roxanne".
Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light...
by SuperSonicX April 7, 2005
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to physically harm someone as quickly as possible
I'm about to sting the motherfucker who just stepped on my retros
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Newcastle born man who went on the be the frontman for The Police and later had a successful solo career. The man my ex-girlfriend wants to bone and probably left me for.
Priest: "Do you Sting take this girl to be your lawful wedded wife?"

Sting: "I D-ARGHUGHNH" Sound of Shotgun firing
by Bana March 5, 2006
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In Midwest United States vernacular 1. (n) A drug deal.
2. (v) Make a drug deal. 3. (n) A person who purchases drugs in a drug deal. 4. (n) A crackhead.
1. "Damn man! Why didn't you tell me my phone was on silent? I coulda missed a sting! 2. Hold up real quick, I'm finna go sting this nigga. 3. One of my stings stopped by earlier, but I couldn't even fuck wit' 'em. I gotta reup. 4. Nigga why you got that sting in here tryna crank dat soulja boy?
by Antione October 30, 2007
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