to use the mouth, especially the tongue with the intent of bringing a female to orgasm; to lick pussy; to suck cunt.
I am a master of cunilingus.
by Tommyboy July 24, 2003
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Hey sexy! How do you feel about cunilingus.
by Xyrus November 7, 2003
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oral stimulation of the vagina
i performed cunilingus on her
by Sammy March 26, 2003
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penetration of the tounge in the vagina. in welsh its 'gwaenlythiad' pronounced gweyn-luth-ee-ad.
Rwyf am rhoi gwaenlythiad dda i hi bois!!
(id like to give her a good cunilingus boys!)
by Nia Davies October 11, 2005
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A Definition that spooks Negro's
Techniqe employed to show her just how much she means to you,and to show her exactly how you feel.
Remembering the times Jenny told me, she has a head ache, or "to tired" I had
her lips spread apart,gently running my
tounge around her clit.When she was seconds from cumming,I stopped,and went to the strip bar.
by PhIl lIcKrsON September 25, 2003
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Performing oral sex on a woman while being high or getting high on pot, salvia, LSD, or acid
Man1: hey babe you wanna have sex?
Woman: no I'd rather get high while you eat me out
Man: oh you mean hippie cunilingus
by Gingagon June 24, 2014
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