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the worship of BMWs.
you: what is your religion?
me: BMWism
you: ahh...i'm just Christian.
by shosho October 24, 2007

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a sexual position the man is sitting down, the 5, and the woman is giving him a blow, the two. duh
oh wow i did not enjoy 52 last night i wish we could have done 69 instead.
by shosho February 07, 2007

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a stupid ass, perverted male or female that is just totally dumb
"stop staring at the cat taking a shit, you weird fuck."
by shosho October 27, 2007

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when you got to pee really bad but when you go only a little comes out and it sucks like a mother
Raymond: so did you go?
Me: yeah :/
Raymond: Talula Rain?
Me: mmhm...
Raymond: sucks dude
Me: i'll got to go in a bit then.
by Shosho October 15, 2007

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short for idiot. An asshole,scum of the earth.
You are such an iddie. I can't believe you crashed into the parked car.
by shosho September 20, 2006

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