Korean slang for "I Love You"; same meaning as 143 in English and 520 in Chinese
JiYong sent a message to his girlfriend Lyna: Still at practice, babe. Saranghae, 486.
by BBLovee September 20, 2010
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the obsolete paperweight lying in the corner of my room
hey, be careful with that brand new 486, it cost me $3000!
by hash is brown November 14, 2003
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A gay.

Specifically, a male who is either homosexual or exhibits an extraordinary number of flagrantly homosexual tendencies.
I just went to get sushi in Greenwich Village and overheard a 486 talking on his cell phone about how he sucked a dozen guys off at a party!
by Smegma January 30, 2005
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A prossecor with clcok speeds between 16 and 100 mhz.
hey bob, i just got a new Intel 486, now i can run windows 95!
by Sam Donato February 18, 2008
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abortion pill.
R U 4 86
Are(R) you(U) for(4) 86(86)
In other words: Are you for Canceling your baby?

There is A LOT of controversy over the pill,but isn't there always with abortion?
Catholic: Have you heard about the ru-486 pill?
Atheist: Ya, my girlfriend just used it to eighty-six her belly fruit.
Catholic: You are soooo going to Hell.
by HorseshoeMullet August 2, 2008
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Lappy 486- strong bads new laptop here are the specs

2mb hard drive
a portable 42lb
5min battery life
512k ram
o man you need a new lappy 486 its so light and fast.
by jake k November 29, 2004
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The loudest ever meet. Very at.... Actually all the time. Will probably make you cry so a backbone you encounter it.
You know Iriany from 486, she made Oscar cry the other day.
by rst127 June 2, 2018
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