"Scroll button and the lappy together at last, How you ever learn to skrippy-scroll so fast?"-Strong Bad
by Losti March 22, 2005
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Short for laptop.
Usually used if the laptop is insanely cute and sexy.
I just love my new lappy.
by Camradal November 30, 2003
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As in: She gave me a lappy..,
she gave me the sweetest lappy eveeer..
by Quints January 23, 2010
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A nick name for a laptop computer.
Usually the more miserable and old it is, the more personalization he would get. The term was coined first by Melissa Gymrek (an MIT undergrad) to show empathy to her lappy while she was coding nonstop.
'Good job lappy', usually comes together with compelling hand tapping on it.
by dodalo January 13, 2010
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Where's my lappy?

Barbara Streishand took it in the divorce
by untalented311 September 30, 2010
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Lappy is my best friend. If you know a Lappy, they're a keeper. In fact, they'll probably occupy so much of your mind that you think about them multiple times everyday, and cherish them to bits. Also, it's became part of your life to give love to them, and show your appreciation, which is something I personally have NEVER DONE!!! THANKS LAPPY UR AWESOME
by sdwheredakingsgo July 26, 2023
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Nickname of Los Angeles Kings forward Ian Laperriere. Can refer to anyone who likes to fight, talk shit, push people around, or has a horribly disfigured broken nose.
by JH March 14, 2003
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