3D (n.) A word sometimes used in reference to the internet.

How "internet" became 3D:

First, some intellectuals said, "let's call the internet the World Wide Web, because it sounds cooler and can be shortened to WWW." and the World Wide Web and WWW was born.

Next, some people said "WWW (doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou) is too hard to say in normal conversation, and Heaven forbid we should be reduced to using 'World Wide Web' 'cause acronyms are just cooler. Let's shorten it to dub-dub-dub which can stand for WWW" and Dub-Dub-Dub was born.

Once AOLers were introduced to dub-dub-dub, they said "dub-dub-dub takes too long to type out in IRC where we like to ruin our social lives in l33t style. Let's make it an acronym so that we can say things like 'WTF? u on teh DDD? omg, u r teh ROXORZ LOL!'" and DDD was born.

Then the n00bs said something to the effect of, "W7F? 73H UB3R DDD H45 N0 NUMB3R5 1N 17!!!11!!1 137S M4K3 17 3D 1N5734D!!1!1!!" and 3D was born.
dude, you know that one site on teh 3d? they just like stopped or somethin, that one other site musta hurt their ratings.
by Cunjo October 12, 2004
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3d is an abbreviation for dare-devil dodge.

It means to dodge at the last possible moment - commonly within a hack-and-slash.

Usually a player will 3d for style points, or for a mechanical benefit as in Bayonetta with Witch Time
Mate if you wanna rack up that score you've gotta 3d. Only scrubs dodge immediately!
by Pompadour Pug May 17, 2018
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A counter-strike clan with the famed Bullseye, Rambo, and Ksharp from X3. 3D stands for Desire, Dedication, Discipline. They own all other cs clans.
Ksharp says, "Visit #team3d, No noobs just boobs!"
by FunkyMunky June 30, 2003
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www.team3d.net ksharp owns bullseye owns rambo owns.
Team 3D owns. Just use ksharps.
by Dj V3x is my AIM sn July 23, 2003
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Stands for:
Dudley Death Drop

It is the double-team finishing move of the Dudley Boyz/Team 3D (specifically D-Von and Buh-Buh Ray). The finisher involves the opponent being slammed face first (often through a table)onto the ground/ring.

Another possible reason why this finisher is called "3D" is because dimensions the three people's bodies (including the person being slammed) are facing make up the three spacial dimensions. One of the Dudley's face forward (forward/backward dimension), the second Dudley is facing left or right relative to the first Dudley (left/right dimension), and the person being slammed faces down (up/down dimension).
1. Team 3D won the match by using the 3D on their opponents on TNA.

2. The Dudleys are infamous for using the 3D in conjunction with tables.
by Colonel Popcorn April 02, 2007
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Dudley Death Drop
a move from WWE
D-Von and Buh Buh Are sizing up for the 3D!!!!
by w00t January 07, 2004
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A descriptive adjective used to describe the sensation of being high on drugs in particular cannabis, cocaine, and ecstacy.
Yoooooooo dude.......This shit's got me seein 3D!
by BSuraci October 25, 2006
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