a shortened version of w33d to get past computer censors on work/school servers, 3d, pronounced "threed," means weed or smoking weed.
"yo what'd you do last night?"
"we totally 3d and it ruled." or "we 3d out."
by ohsofor July 23, 2005
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The fad that has turned the videogame industry into shit.
3D incarnations of classic 2D games are typically boring and repetitive with no gameplay.
by Anonymous July 01, 2003
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meaning: 3/4 down syndrom
Partially retarded
"You have got to be 3D?"
by Lt. Ghost April 21, 2004
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Dick her
Ditch her
Don't tell anyone
That girl is 3D.
by ariadne December 21, 2003
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A computer aided system that lets overweight ginger-bearded dysfunctional tossers think they have girlfriends
Ron: "You seeing Tina tonight?"
Eugene: "Yeah, I have a clan game with her later, so I can't come to the pub"
by Wu Dark April 05, 2004
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a nick name for DC police (MPDC). they have 3D eyes.. see everything, definitely the beast of all!
Last night, I've seen a drunk teen hit a car's side view mirror with a baseball bat in downtown DC.. with in 60 seconds, the 3d buzzed over.. and five-o more back ups in no time.
by jay-jar April 01, 2007
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