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A smiley face with an asshat. It can be taken various ways. Most often used as a happy and silly expression. But other times it can be taken as an offense, calling someone an asshat. Lastly it is sometimes used to make a person feel better about themselves when someone complains at them for something they did.
1. Bill: Dude I won the internetz!

Bobby: 3:D

2. Bill: I cheated with your girlfriend.

Bobby: 3:D

3. Bobby: cheated on my girlfriend? You bastard!

Bill: 3:D
by Thrifty October 12, 2006
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An emoticon for Boo, the ghost character from the Super Mario video games.
*Luigi signed on at 12:11 AM*

Luigi: Mario, I'm-a so glad I finally got rid of all the Boos in-a my mansion.
Mario: You missed one... 3:D
Luigi: I'm-a talking to... a Boo?! O_O
Mario: lol jk-a!
Luigi: Phew!
Mario: But how can you be sure?... 3:D
Luigi: Really?!
Mario: lol-a jk!
Luigi: Mario! >:( So you were just-a trying to scare me cause-a you're jealous that I got the mansion and not-a you? Well I finally got-a something for myself, you should-a be proud of me!
Mario: idk you tell me... 3:D MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

*Mario signed off at 12:14 AM*

by WhoDat?! June 27, 2013
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