a fully loaded new car, typically with navigation, dvd players, playstation, xbox, television screens, or GPS
We pulled up at the club in a 2007 spaceship and all the hoes was jockin' cuz!!!
by jballer December 7, 2006
what you call your car while intoxicated with weed. when youre high and in a moving car, it feels like youre in a spaceship
get in the spaceship we'll speed down the street
by syfdssdfsdvdfvb February 18, 2019
A large cigar gutted and filled with weed. A large blunt.
Adam and I bought a big ass cigar and turned that bitch into a spaceship.
by STR33X December 14, 2011
Can mean a type of crack pipe, looks kinda like a small orb of glass w/ a short stem and a bowl on top of it.
Spaceships beat the hell outta chasin' the dragon.
by mike March 20, 2004
Penis. Named for the similarity in shape with a spaceship.
"she ride my spaceship till she hit the top...that hit the spot" - Lollipop remix, Lil' Wayne/Kanye West
by TheRealLurker July 11, 2008
A relationship only existant on Myspace.
dude susy sunshine is so hot she has all the right angles, but I don't think we'll ever have more than a spaceship
by Melllllllllll February 5, 2007
a very, very tight spot that can be hot boxed
the room under the steps can be spaceshiped
by beanerpride March 4, 2011