Something given to people as a reward on the internet.

/b/tard 2: Fap hard /b/rother
by 0oanono0 February 26, 2008
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1.The plural of internet; The internet is a medium whereas the amalgamation of all net-based media is... the internetz

2.Were a medium a single point of view, the internetz is the amalgamation of all those views upon the web

3.internetz = layman's name for anon while remaining oblivious of the relation
random 1: Here you go internetz!! *posts a lame pic*

random 2:
by Anonymous2135i02058 April 23, 2009
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ZOMG LOL da pic hacked meh mind lolraptor!!!1111
Teh Internetz iz awsome
by killeraucity August 26, 2009
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1. Place: The anti-world of the internet. Filled with dumb-fucks, spammers, cheaters, bots, noobs, and fakes.

2. Language: The (primary) language of teh internetz. Misspellings, and grammatical errors of the english language run rampant. When learning the language, it may help to bash your face into the keyboard between sentences.
John: I lost my way and ended up in teh internetz D:
Craig: LoL!1! tg ikk bde 5k Meh JusT @e a b@ge| XDXDXD
by Teh grammer freek ninjah March 22, 2011
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