An area code for Georgia and Albany. Generally used in hip-hop and rap songs.
What's Your Area Code? Mine 229. What's Your Area Code? Mine 229. What's Your Area Code? Mine 229. Ahh, shit!
by SaM June 16, 2006
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The area code in GA. where the iq's of everyone in that area code equal 229. mainly constits of the Valdosta area. It's said that being stuck in the 229 is worse than being stuck in the Matrix.
"Internet support how may i help you?" "my email aint no werkin no mo' what'd ya'll do to get it back to me?" "What cables are plugged in the modem?" "Whoa i aint all that computer smarts now i dont know what that is."

"You're being a real 229 right now."
by [FL} Baby MiLo June 28, 2006
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A road that leads to the X-Mart in Oxford.
TT-Why are you traveling this forbidden 229 in your g-string and stiletto's?
Weary Traveler-Must reach X-Mart before nightfall. Need lube

TT- I know it's you Gregor.
by Princess Weirdo February 2, 2022
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229 is the embryonic center of a New People's Army.
It is not "entirely white" nor are we stoners. We are serious about revolution and you will hear from us again. We are social guerillas.
Whether the poster is a middle class eichmann, a pig informant or just one of those kids from a "real gang" doesnt matter, What does is that if he or she doesnt want to get run over, they better get behind the vast majority of the world's people.
Long Live George Jackson!
Off the pig!
Power to the People!
229 Is a guerrilla group.
Not a gang but revolutionaries.
Inspired by Mao Tse Tung and the people's revolution in China (49-76)
by Comrade Ivan -229 Brigade July 19, 2008
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A gang made entirely of white stoners in Bethlehem, PA.

They threatened to bomb the school district on February 29 and gained almost half of Pennsylvania a free day off.

see: pussyhanovergangs
student 1: 'you going to school on 229?"
student 2: 'no.'
by how's them phillies? February 26, 2008
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group of queer assholes that enjoy talking a whole lotttttta shit. although they did get half of pennsylvania's school districts a day off, theyre stupid and ignorant. they have the name 229, mainly because it refers to february 29th. and because february 29th only comes around every leap year, someone decided it would be cool to start the rumor that they were planning on bombing the schools. the members of 229 have an odd addiction to everything pink. they believe in fighting oppression, authority, and all that nonsense. to sum it all up, theyre a bunch of hippies, and chances are, they wont go anywhere in life.
me: you going to school on 229?
someone else: no, its a free day. even though the pussies from 229 wont do anything.
me: yeah, fucking retards.
by the big skeez February 24, 2008
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1. Prison code for being in an unauthorized area; not being where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there
Imma 229 to your cell in a lil bit
by Yo Kai Sam February 23, 2020
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