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The claim that someone was "only doing their job" or "merely following orders" to excuse causing grief to someone else when they could have just as easily been helpful. Eichmann was the chief organizer of the Nazi 'final solution' to the 'Jewish question' and claimed (unsuccesfully) at his trial that he had only done what he had been ordered to do.
Car owner: I was only gone for two minutes, how could you tow my car?
Meter Maid: (smugly) I'm just doing my job.
Car Owner: Oh yes. The Eichmann Defense

Weasle line-manager: I stopped your merit award this year but I'm only following departmental guidelines.
Employee: Ah yes. The Eichmann defense.
by robbo99 June 25, 2009
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Term used by American political activist academic Ward Churchill to describe those victims of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks whom he considered to be passively complicit in unethical industrial and political enterprises housed by buildings such as the WTC's. A reference to Nazi bureaucrat Adolf Eichmann and, in particular, to the analysis of his post-war trial, which suggested that rather than participating in the Nazi war machine out of ideological fanaticism, he had participated in its worst atrocities largely out of an uncomplicated and uncritical sense of duty to the organisation. Churchill therefore used the term to imply this idea passive complicity in systemic evil.
Sure, Exxon has a few bigwigs and Ideas Men who know full well what they're destroying at any given point in time, and who they're ripping off along the way, but its the little eichmanns all the way down the corporate foodchain who keep the wheels turning.
by Yst January 2, 2007
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Contrary to popular belief, not all the victims of September 11, but only the "technocrats of empire" are the equivalent of little Eichmanns. Adolf Eichmann was never charged with direct killing or ordering killing, but with ensuring that the logistics of the dejewification of Europe ran smoothly.
Ward Churchill was horribly misquoted as referring to little babies who died in these Islamofascist attacks as little Eichmanns.
by Little Eichmann #777 October 17, 2006
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Coined by this long-haired professor at a college in Colorado. Refers to 9/11 Twin Towers victims. Something about how they are/were part of some evil corporate machine/conspiracy thing. Taken from name Adolf Eichmann who oversaw The Final Solution under Adolf Hitler. The university has taken bullshit because of it.
Holy shit, you work in finance? You little Eichmann, you!
by Mr. E. James February 3, 2005
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