Tse, an artistic character that likes to read and watch anime. Loves to sketch and is usually an ambivert. Their name is very uncommon and isnt found on those dang coke bottles or those keychains with your name on it. Tse can also be known to make friends with anyone, or be closed off.
Dang Tse, thAT, is some fine art!
by Bbvyffv123456 January 18, 2019
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It mean oh ok or oh
I mean it’s not like he was lying😂
by Ugandan September 20, 2019
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No GTL just TAN SWIM EAT ...tulane VB team
by VBtu August 6, 2011
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Person 1:this teacher give out TOO much fucking work

Person2: fr tse
by your queeen.tiny November 20, 2015
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Trap Squad Entertainment/Era: Founded in 2014 is the art of nutdragging, getting money, and being a finesse God in all situations. Zero f*cks given at all times.
“It’s strictly TSE up in dis b*tch
by Whiteyyyyyy November 2, 2019
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he, or she, without sexual meaning.can be either he, she, or something completely different.
"tse went to school this morning."
by themusicgod1/jeff cliff April 10, 2003
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Testicular Self-Examination.
The man checked his testicles using TSE.
by HandFlapper403 April 9, 2011
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