A primitive and shitty device for accessing the Internet over a dialup (dialsuck) connection. If you're still using this, get a clue and upgrade to broadband.
I used to use a 28.8 kbps modem to access the Inernet. Now I use cable because I'm 1337.
by SangoHuntress August 23, 2004
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"Modern" written with the r and n touching.
by Delusional October 8, 2003
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another, some more.
Andre exclaimed, "Bring some modem hoes wit you to the bed."
by BIG-D October 9, 2003
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Ancient device used to connect over phone lines.
yo man i just got a v.90 modem!! i'm 31337.
by blake September 19, 2003
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male reproductive organs.
ooh i bet that modem of yours has a lot of RAM...
by modemlvr99 August 27, 2005
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"This modem is mostly dust."
by moo October 8, 2003
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