(n.) A year where Febuary has 29 days. This is because the earth actually takes 365.24 days to orbit the sun completely. This figure is rounded to 365.25, so after four years, we have to add an extra day. However, since it is actually a little less than a whole day, every 100 years we will be a day ahead. There are 10 leap years in 100 years, and hence, we must miss one of these years. This was last done in 1900, and shall next be done in 2100, hence, it is unlikely many of us will live to see the next one, unless this definitions is still here (along with urbandictionary of course!) in many years' time.
1) Every year divisible by four is a leap year (1996,2000, 2004);

2) Unless it is also divisible by 100 (1700, 1800, 1900, 2100).

3) However, if a year is divisible by 4, 100 and 400, it is a leap year (1600, 2000, 2400)
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 6, 2004
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If the days in a year were personified, Febuary 29th would be a hipster. Existing in each year is too mainstream for this day, and so it only shows itself every 4 years.
Date: Febuary 29th 2016 - leap year

Feb 28th: hey, 29th, havent seen you in a while

Feb 29th: yea, I know. 2015 was like soooooo last year...
by Xtra Happy March 7, 2016
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The level of drunkenness that you're only dumb enough to achieve every four years or so. Utterly shattered. A leap year drunk usually results in an epic story of debauchery that can only be told by the friends of the victim, or, often, total strangers you you gave your phone number to.

Alissa: On Friday I went out with Melissa and got REALLY drunk ... I mean like leap year drunk. She can tell you about it better than I can, though.
by spamania December 4, 2007
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That time of the month, when that time of the month is supposed to happen, but is delayed. This is due to the fact the leap year affected the menstrual cycle.

This can sometimes cause a woman to believe that she is pregnant. When in fact, it is simply the menstrual leap year at work.
Natalie: Ermahgerd, my period is late. I must be prego!

Seanequa: No, Natalie, you are not prego. It is simply a result of the menstrual cycle leap year.
by Sand-nigger Jesus October 31, 2012
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The condition by which one experiences significant penile enhancement and unexpected erectial direction on a quadrennial basis. Typically experienced on the 29th of February commonly referred to as the "leap year."
Carol: "John was so big last night."

Jen: "Is this a leap year??"

Carol: "Oh my god, maybe it was leap year dick syndrome!"
by lyds sufferer August 2, 2011
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A period of 366 days (The extra day being added to February), that comes every 4 regular years.
"This year is a leap year"
by 27Koolkat October 15, 2022
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